College Immunization Requirements


  • DVM students are required to be vaccinated prior to the beginning their second year of the program. The Office of Academic Affairs will organize a rabies vaccination clinic for students who need to be vaccinated at that time.
  • However, if you have already been vaccinated against rabies, please submit your vaccination results as indicated below.

Tetanus vaccination

  • Documentation of a tetanus vaccination within the past 10 years is required prior to your arrival for your first day of classes as a new DVM student. 

To provide documentation of vaccinations directly to the VMCVM's Office of Academic Affairs:

  • Email the documentation to
  • Fax the documentation to 540-231-9290.

University Immunization Requirements

Every DVM student must meet state immunization requirements for admission (and continuation) as a student at Virginia Tech. This information must be documented on the Immunization History Form (PDF). This form is required before a student can attend any classes.

Learn more about Virginia Tech's immunization requirements.