All of our syllabi can be found on the college intranet, which is password protected. Once you have set up your Hokie pid and Hokie password, you will have access to all of the password protected information on the college website.  It would be important for you to review the syllabi for fall semester so you can hit the ground running! 

Required Textbooks

Cover of the textbook Guide to the Dissection of the Dog.

You are learning the most current veterinary medical information, most of which hasn’t even been published yet.  There is currently only one required textbook for first year, which is:  Evans, H. and A deLahunta. (2010) Guide to the dissection of the dog. (8th or 7th Ed.). Philadelphia, W.B. Saunders. You may purchase new, used or digital. 

All of the other reading material will be provided in class in the form of PowerPoints or digital notes.