Student American Veterinary Medical Association at Virginia Tech (SAVMA)

SAVMA serves as the central VMCVM organization overseeing the other organizations and clubs within the college. Along with fostering multiple social and professional activities for students, SAVMA serves as a focus of student opinion and provides a formal liaison between the student body and the college administration. VMCVM's SAVMA chapter exists to support, empower, and inspire all veterinary students in improving their lives, education, and career and securing a better future for the veterinary profession through collaboration with the chapter's parent organization, the American Veterinary Medical Association.


Alpha Psi at Virginia Tech

Alpha Psi is a veterinary professional fraternity that offers students a chance to get to know each other outside of the routine of classes and to make lifelong friendships and professional ties with members at other veterinary colleges.


American Association of Equine Practitioners at Virginia Tech (AAEP)

AAEP addresses the needs of students interested in all levels of equine medicine. Activities include monthly meetings with equine medicine speakers, weekly rounds on a variety of clinical cases, several wet labs designed to provide valuable clinical equine experience, and mare palpation.


American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine at Virginia Tech, Student Chapter

This club enhances the education of veterinary students through discussions, guest speakers, and laboratory activities involving veterinary internal medicine.  


American College of Veterinary Pathologists at Virginia Tech, Student Chapter

The Pathology Club is ideal for students with a serious interest in pursuing a pathology career, as well as those who just want to uncover the answer to "what happened?" The club has histopathology/cytology rounds on Mondays and participates in the hospital's gross pathology rounds on Fridays. The Pathology Club also facilitates club members' shadowing of the on-call pathologists during weekend necropsies.


Association of Asian Veterinary Medical Professionals at Virginia Tech (AAVMP)

AAVMP is a national organization to represent, empower, and aid those who identify as Asian, Asian-American, and or Pacific Islander (AAPI). The club is dedicated to providing resources to students in ways that will allow them to become the professionals that they strive to be. This organization allows a comfortable space for members as well as people within the community to meet, connect, and share experiences. This club is not closed to members of VMCVM's community, anybody can join! We encourage and advocate for a diverse group of individuals at AAVMP.


Behavior Club at Virginia Tech

Contact SAVMA for more information.


Christian Veterinary Fellowship at Virginia Tech (CVF)

CVF is a student chapter of Christian Veterinary Mission that promotes the spiritual growth and professional development of veterinary school students, staff, and faculty. The fellowship offers the opportunity to share the trials and tribulations, as well as the joys, of the veterinary school experience with people who care and can sympathize. Activities include fellowship, Bible studies, picnics, and potluck suppers.


Companion Animal Club at Virginia Tech

The Companion Animal Club promotes the many facets of small animal veterinary medicine, particularly some of the specialized disciplines not emphasized in the VMCVM curriculum. Some of the clubs' focuses include exotic animal medicine, alternative medicine, nutrition, and behavior. Part of the Companion Animal Club, the American Animal Hospital Association educates small animal practitioners and provides members with information about and insight into small animal medicine not covered in the curriculum.


Food Animal Practitioners Club at Virginia Tech (FAPC)

FAPC is composed of the American Association of Bovine Practitioners, American Association of Swine Practitioners, and American Association of Small Ruminant Practitioners. Some of the club's activities include weekly rounds, a spring symposium, cow palpation, artificial insemination school, and more. The club's primary interest is promoting the education of future food animal practitioners.


Latinx Veterinary Medical Association at Virginia Tech (LVMA), Student Chapter

LVMA is a student chapter of Latinx Veterinary Medical Association whose mission is to empower Latinx/Hispanic professionals in veterinary medicine and support the next generation of Latinx/Hispanic veterinarians. Our student chapter's goal is to create a familia within VMCVM that is inclusive to Latinx students but also allies that would love to celebrate our culture and accomplishments with us! We believe professional development, outreach, mentorship, and scholarship are essential in creating a space for Latinx professionals and clients within the veterinary medicine community.


Maryland Veterinary Medical Association at Virginia Tech (MVMA), Student Chapter

The Student Chapter of the MVMA serves to strengthen the connection between the MVMA and all veterinary students at VMCVM and to broaden the educational experience by providing supplemental opportunities for learning about veterinary practice in Maryland. Contact SAVMA for more information.


National Association of Black Veterinarians at Virginia Tech (SNABV), Student Chapter

The SNABV is a student chapter of the National Association for Black Veterinarians. Our goal is to provide a safe space, an inclusive environment, and an extra door to endless opportunities. We pride ourselves in educating others while also creating opportunities for ourselves through mentorship, events, and conferences. With the Veterinary profession only yielding 1.7% of Blacks- it's imperative that we make our mark and create something special. We also open up the club to anyone who supports our culture, cause, and accomplishments and wants to be a part of something big!


Omega Tau Sigma, Lambda Chapter at Virginia Tech

A national veterinary service fraternity, Omega Tau Sigma is open to faculty, staff, and students of VMCVM. Service projects include a bloodmobile, a "Pets and People" program, and Virginia Mountain Housing.


One Health Working Group at Virginia Tech

Students must apply to join or hold a position that already has a spot on this group. Contact SAVMA for more information.


Palpation Team at Virginia Tech

Students must "try out" to join the Palpation Team. Contact SAVMA for more information.


Pride Veterinary Medical Community at Virginia Tech (PrideVMC)

PrideVMC is a national organization that strives to create a better world for the LGBTQ+ veterinary community. The goal of our student chapter is to advocate for the LGBTQ+ students within VMCVM and to provide them with a safe space where they can be their authentic selves, as well as being a resource to learn more about LGBTQ+ issues and/or identities.


Public Veterinary Practice Club at Virginia Tech

The Public Veterinary Practice Club promotes the many facets of non-traditional veterinary medicine, providing speakers and experiences to expose students to public veterinary medicine in these five areas of distinction: wildlife/zoo medicine, public health, corporate medicine, veterinary policy, and international veterinary medicine. Sub-organizations are the American Association of Fish Veterinarians, American Association of Wildlife Veterinarians, Association of Reptile and Amphibian Veterinarians, Association of Exotic Mammal Veterinarians, and Association of Avian Veterinarians.


VMCVM Student Ambassador Program at Virginia Tech

Students must apply to become an ambassador for the college. The program is offered through the Office of Academic Affairs and is not included in the college's "umbrella school" structure.   


Surgery Club at Virginia Tech

Surgery Club encourages students to gain hands-on experience outside of the classroom with routine surgical skills needed for everyday success in veterinary medicine. These activities include meetings with well-respected surgeons and surgical residents on clinical cases and introduction to new, cutting-edge technology, as well as wet labs that allow students to practice intricate surgical procedure and techniques that help build knowledge and dexterity, empowering students to leave school as new veterinarians with confidence.


Theriogenology Club at Virginia Tech

The Theriogenology Club offers veterinary students a range of opportunities to learn more about reproductive medicine and technologies outside of the classroom. One meeting and one rounds each month involve both clinicians and guest speakers to broaden student knowledge. Two wet labs are planned each semester to allow students to gain experience with real, hands-on opportunities, such as embryo transfer, ultrasounding, and palpation.


Veterinarians as One for an Inclusive Community for Empowerment at Virginia Tech (VOICE)

VOICE is a national student-run organization committed to increasing awareness of, respect for, and sensitivity to differences among all individuals and communities in the field of veterinary medicine. VOICE's goals are to promote the veterinary profession, emphasize the importance of cross-cultural awareness in the profession, and celebrate diversity within the profession.


Veterinary Business Management Association at Virginia Tech (VBMA)

VBMA is a national student-managed organization intent on improving the veterinary profession through increasing business knowledge. Members share the belief of many other veterinary professionals: In order to provide the best care for animals and better serve clients, veterinarians need to increase their knowledge of subjects beyond the medical realm.


Veterinary Emergency Critical Care Society at Virginia Tech, Student Chapter

The Student Chapter of the Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Services was formed to promote small animal emergency medicine and related services at VMCVM. The club organizes small animal intensive care at the college for student members and hosts speakers related to emergency medicine.


Veterinary Imaging Club at Virginia Tech

The Veterinary Imaging Club fosters veterinary student engagement and interest in the field of veterinary imaging and provides opportunities to experience different imaging modalities.


Virginia Veterinary Medical Association at Virginia Tech (VVMA), Student Chapter

The VVMA Student Chapter at VMCVM aims to provide exciting and worthwhile opportunities for the next generation of veterinarians. Please note that the Maryland Veterinary Medical Association is not its own organization, but holds a chair on VVMA's executive board.


Women's Veterinary Leadership Development Initiative at Virginia Tech (WVLDI), Student Chapter

The WVLDI Student Chapter supports women in seeking and acquiring leadership roles to match the shifting demographic of veterinary medicine. The chapter's vision is to develop confident leaders to take on roles that will continue to develop the veterinary profession. The initiative's official mission is to support women in seeking and achieving leadership, policy, and decision-making positions in the profession and to deliver on the promise of veterinary medicine to society.