Congratulations on your acceptance to the Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinarian Medicine!  Welcome to campus. We are happy you are here.  

We understand the dedication, time, and perseverance that it takes to pursue a career in the field of veterinarian medicine.  This journey is sure to be fulfilling and exciting.  In some cases when balancing professional development and personal life bring additional stress that make life difficult to manage, VMCVM embedded counselors are here to help.   

Man sitting with therapy dog.

Trent Davis, PhD, LPC

Therapy dog sitting at a roulette table.

Therapy Dog

Girl smiling and petting therapy dog.

Therapy Dog

Embedded Services Offered

  • Individual counseling
  • Group counseling
  • Animal Assisted Therapy 
  • Consultation
  • Referrals
  • Outreach with therapy dogs 
  • Advocacy
  • Crisis services*

*VMCVM Walk-in or Main office location offered during business hours

Benefits of Embedded Services

Embedded counseling services offer convenience to in-person wellness needs.  We also offer students understanding of the unique culture of their professional program as we are a part of the VMCVM community.  Embedded staff are trained in equity, diversity, and inclusion, and are glad to serve all students in their pursuit of their wellness and professional goals.  

Although we are part of your college community, confidentiality is part of our ethical and professional focus and the foundation in which we build trust with students to serve you in a professional environment.  We maintain confidentiality when meeting with you or seeing you in your college atmosphere.  In addition to our adherence to the ACA code of ethics, our services are supported by Virginia Tech counseling services at Cook Counseling Center on the Virginia Tech main campus.  This partnership provides VMCVM students with access to licensed mental health providers who utilize HIPPA compliant record keeping software.  In addition to these benefits, embedded counselors are able to connect you to extended mental health support services on campus should you need to meet with providers outside of your college.

Cook Counseling Center Services Offered

*VMCVM Walk-in or Main office location offered during business hours