The Office of Academic Affairs is preparing the laboratories and classroom for your arrival! There are items you will need for participation in class and they are listed below. Many of these items will be used throughout the four years of the program, but you may be required to purchase additional items for clinical year. There is a dress code for all laboratories, which can be found in the student handbook. Please contact Academic Affairs at if you have any questions or concerns.

You may purchase these items from any supplier, with the exception of your dissection kits, which are purchased through the college.

The Academic Affairs office will provide you with one light blue lab coat during orientation. (pictured below).

Lab Coats

Light blue labcoat.
Example of a light blue lab coat.

Lab coats must be worn during ALL multi-disciplinary labs (MDL). They should be CLEAN and neat at the beginning of every lab, as biosecurity is a must.


  • Lab coats must be light blue
  • 3/4 length (mid-thigh to knee)
  • Standard 3-pocket
  • Cotton-polyester blend-recommend no iron for neat appearance

Quantity: Each student will need two (2) coats. Students are expected to come to lab each day with a clean lab coat.

  • NOTE: We purchase our labcoats from ElevenWest in Fairlawn, VA. If you want to order another one from them tell them you are a VMCVM student.

Helpful Hint: Buy one lab coat big enough to fit over a sweater and one that will fit over lightweight clothing!


Grey scrubs.
Example of grey scrubs.

New students will be required to purchase one (1) set of scrubs prior to arrival. Your first year at VMCVM your scrubs must be grey in color


Dark blue coveralls.
Example of coveralls.

Coveralls must be worn during ALL large animal handling labs. They should be CLEAN and neat at the beginning of every lab. Biosecurity is a must when working with large animals.


  • The coveralls must be Navy

Quantity: Each student will need one (1) short sleeved coverall.

  • Note: Coveralls must be worn when attending any external lab involving large animals. You MUST wear clothing under your coveralls.

Long sleeved insulated coveralls may be needed for  during winter months. These can be purchased from places like Walmart and Amazon. 

Note: Our FAPC club is also doing a fundraiser to help put on wet labs, as well as lunch and learns throughout the year. If you would like to support the club please order here.

Rubber Boots

Rubber boots and box they came in.
Example of rubber boots.

Rubber boots like the ones pictured must be worn during all large animal handling labs.


  • Please remember, rubber, not leather, cloth or neoprene. No Muckboots. 
  • No outside buckles, straps, or ties
  • Biosecurity is necessary when working with large animals and the boots must be scrubbed and disinfected after each laboratory or farm visit
  • You MUST purchase over-the-shoe type boots and closed-toed shoes must be worn underneath

Quantity: Each student will need one (1) pair of rubber boots. 

Helpful Hint: These can be purchased from Amazon or


Close up of a white coat and name tag.
Example of a VMCVM name tag.

You will receive two nametags during orientation. Your nametag must be worn during ALL labs. 

Student Identification Badges

Hokie Passport badge request form.
VMCVM badge request form.

Security within the college is a high priority and we must be able to identify all persons within the facilities.

Information on how to obtain your student identification badge can be found here. It is required that you display this badge at all times while in the college. All students will be given a lanyard during orientation to use for displaying badges.

Scalpel Blades

Scalpel blades.
Example of scalpel blades.

You will need scalpel blades for your anatomy laboratories and your clinical skills labs.

Scalpel blades can be purchased at the University Bookstore or any medical supply store.


  • Purchase #10 Blades

Quantity: Depending on your use, more or less may be required. For the first year, please purchase twenty-five (25) blades.

Digital Thermometer

Digital thermometer.
Example of a digital thermometer.

You will be required to purchase one (1) digital thermometer.

Dissection Kit

Estimated cost: $132.00 Note this could change depending on vendor pricing when ordered

Your dissection kit has been ordered for you and your student account will be billed. If you are left-handed please verify that you have been given a left-handed kit. The kits will be distributed during orientation. Each kit includes the following:

  • Scalpel Handle
  • Taylor Precision Chrome Hammer
  • Large Forceps
  • Small Forceps
  • Brown Adson Forceps
  • Blunt/Sharp Scissors
  • Curved Hemostats
  • Blunt Probe
  • Bandage Scissors
  • 6" Mayo-Hager Needle Holder
  • Suture Scissors
  • Carrying Case