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DVM Clinical Year Student Handbook

DVM Program Handbook and Policy Manual

The online Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine DVM Program Handbook and Policy Manual is a guide to current policies, standards, procedures, and resources which govern students in the DVM program at VMCVM. In addition, students participating in the clinical program are subject to policies established by both the VMCVM and Virginia Tech.

Reviewed February 1, 2021

2.1 Welcome to Clinical Learning

2.2 Contact Information for the Office of Academic Affairs

2.3 Clerkship Leader Contact Information

2.4 Overview of Clinical Year

        2.4.1 Clinical Year Support Personnel
        2.4.2 Communication
        2.4.3 Registration
        2.4.4 Rotation Descriptions

2.5 Clinical Rotations Dress Code and Supply List

        2.5.1 Student Identification
        2.5.2 Small Animal Services Appropriate Attire
        2.5.3 Equine Services Appropriate Attire
        2.5.4 Production Management Medicine Appropriate Attire
        2.5.5 Diagnostic Services Appropriate Attire
        2.5.6 Clinical Supplies

2.6 Program Educational Objectives, Competencies and Outcomes

2.7 Clerkship Participation Policies

        2.7.1 Internal Clerkships
        2.7.2 Duty Hours
        2.7.3 Student Rest Periods
        2.7.4 Preceptorships
        2.7.5 Electives
        2.7.6 Other College of Veterinary Medicine (Other CVM)
        2.7.7 International Clerkships
        2.7.8 Cancelling/Changing a Clerkship

2.8 Program Organizing and Approval of Preceptorships and Electives

        2.8.1 Public Corporate Preceptorships and Electives
        2.8.2 External Preceptorships
        2.8.3 Malpractice Liability for Veterinary Students

2.9 Clerkship Attendance Policies and Procedures

        2.9.1 Personal Leave
        2.9.2 Personal Days/Anticipated Absences from Clerkships
        2.9.3 Approval process for personal days
        2.9.4 Vacation
        2.9.5 Excused Absences
        2.9.6 Approval process for Excused Absences
        2.9.7 Travel Days
        2.9.8 NAVLE Test Date
        2.9.9 Job Interviews
        2.9.10 Unexcused Absences
        2.9.11 Weather Closures & Holidays

2.10 Specification of Requirements for Graduation

        2.10.1 Satisfaction of Academic Requirements
        2.10.2 Grading Policies and Procedures
        2.10.3 Longitudinal Assessment
        2.10.4 Failure to meet performance measures
        2.10.5 Grade of Incomplete
        2.10.6 Student Evaluation Completion Requirements

2.11 Grade Appeals

        2.11.1 Appeal of a Final Clerkship Grade
        2.11.2 Level 1 Grade Appeal: Instructor Assigning the Grade
        2.11.3 Level 2 Grade Appeal: Associate Dean
        2.11.4 Level 3 Grade Appeal: Dean
        2.11.5 Appeal of a Grade that has Resulted in Dismissal

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