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Section 5: Administrative Information

5.1 Administrative Requests

There will be multiple occasions when students will be requested to respond to administrative deadlines for items such as rabies information, NAVLEs, graduation, scholarships, and awards. These deadlines are firm and are necessary for the college and university to function effectively. Time spent following up on students who do not respond means time not available to assist students with other requests.

An enrollment “hold” will be placed on any student who does not respond to the deadline, and an email sent to the student. Failure to take care of the circumstances that led to the hold within 24 hours will result in dismissal from the clerkship until the hold is taken care of by the student. Depending on the clerkship and clerkship leader, nonattendance may lead to an inability to complete the requirements of the clerkship. Repeated non-responders will have other sanctions decided on an individual basis.

5.2 Letters of Attendance

Letters documenting attendance and anticipated graduation date are often required for external opportunities/scholarships/licensure, etc. Students request letters through the Office of Academic Affairs, even if the Dean’s signature is required. Please contact

5.3 Notices and E-mail

The Office of Academic Affairs uses e-mail as the sole means to contact students. It is imperative that you check your e-mail frequently to avoid missing important announcements or efforts to contact you personally.

5.4 Financial Aid

It is the responsibility of the student to meet all deadlines established by the Financial Aid Office and submit all necessary documentation. The Financial Aid Office can be contacted at Please visit the Financial Aid Office website for more information here.

5.5 Scholarships

In the fall semester each year, students will have the opportunity to apply for scholarship awards. Additionally, there are scholarships awarded during the clinical year, which the clinical faculty will make nominations for. An announcement regarding scholarships will be sent out from the Office of Academic Affairs and will be distributed to all students enrolled in the DVM curriculum.

5.6 Enrollment Holds

“Holds” or “Blocks” can be placed on a student’s account for a variety of reasons by both the University and the Office of Academic Affairs. Examples are parking tickets, library fees and non-submission of required clerkship forms. These holds will impede registration for clerkships and grade postings. The student is responsible for resolving the issues leading up to the hold within a 36-hour period.

Because of liability issues, a student with a “block” (on enrollment, etc.), is not permitted to participate in any clerkships. Students will be notified in a timely manner of any holds on their account by the Office of Academic Affairs so that these may be rectified in order to for the student to continue.


All NAVLE information is released in late spring at the beginning of the clinical year. Our office does not have any advanced information until that date. You will receive an email with specific instructions to follow. Students with documented learning disabilities will need to contact NBVME directly for further information. Once your accommodation has been approved, please inform your clerkship leader that you require two days off from the rotation to take the NAVLEs, and provide documentation of your approved accommodation to the Office of Academic Affairs.

It is the responsibility of the student to meet all NBVME deadlines, as the Office of Academic Affairs cannot add students to a testing roster.

The Office of Academic Affairs will help with any documentation that is required for the NAVLE. Please see Letters of Attendance for further information.

5.8 State Licensure

When registering for the North American Licensing Exam, students have the opportunity to select one state for licensing. However, a student may wish to pursue licensing in more than one state. The Office of Academic Affairs maintains information for Virginia and Maryland State licensing requirements only. Students should contact individual state health professional licensing boards for further information. The Virginia Board of Veterinary Medicine website can be accessed here. The Maryland Board of Veterinary Medicine website can be accessed here.

Additionally, for any student wishing to pursue licensing outside of Virginia or Maryland State licensing requirements can be found here on the AVMA website.

5.9 Notary

The Office of Academic Affairs can provide notary services for students with the proper documentation by appointment only. Please email for further information.