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Section 4: Student Health Services

4.1 Schiffert Student Health Center

The Student Health Center hours are 8 am-5 pm Monday, Tuesday, and Friday and 9 am-5 pm on Wednesday and Thursday. The Medical Clinic remains open through the lunch hour on weekdays and is also open on Saturdays during the academic year from 9 am to 12 noon. Due to reduced staffing on Saturdays, services are usually limited to students with acute rather than long-term problems. The Women's Clinic and the Allergy/Immunization Clinic are open during Health Center hours Monday through Friday, are closed from noon to 1 pm for lunch, and have no Saturday hours.

All clinics see students by appointment. Appointments for the Medical Clinic can be made by calling 540 231-6444; the Women's Clinic at 540 231-6569; or Allergy/Immunization at 540 231-7621. Usually, a large selection of same-day appointment times is available on any given day for early (before 9 am) callers.

If a student has an immediate problem that cannot wait until the next available appointment they should tell the appointment receptionist that they need to be seen now. Their call will be transferred to the triage nurse to discuss the problem and to make an immediate appointment if indicated according to our triage protocols.

It is appropriate to identify one's self as a veterinary medicine student if available appointment times do not fit available open times during the day to see if some workable accommodation can be found. If a student has a health-related question or problem after hours we do have an after-hours nurse advice line. The nurse can review the problem with the student and make recommendations regarding care (go to the ER, go to an urgent care center, call the Health Center for an appointment tomorrow, try this over-the-counter medication, etc.). If the student carries the Virginia Tech Health Insurance policy there is less out-of-pocket expense if the student is referred to an outside medical facility after-hours by the advice nurse.

Students should be aware that the Health Services Fee paid to the University does not constitute medical insurance. This fee only provides for any minor care provided by the Student Health Services staff.

4.2 Counseling Services

There are counselors from Cook Counseling Center available in the college room 237-A which is located in the hallway down from the Academic Affairs Office. Please check with the Office of Academic Affairs for information regarding hours of availability.

A student may request time away from the rotation to keep regularly scheduled appointments either with a counselor within the college or at Cook Counseling Center. Please submit a standing letter of the need for regular appointments to the Office of Academic Affairs. In addition, the student should submit an excused absence request through the Clerkship Portal.

Learn more about counseling services at the college here.