Student Identification Cards

You must obtain a Hokie Passport and Hospital Badge prior to Orientation. You can obtain both at the Student Services Building located at 800 Washington Street, SW, Ste 100E, Blacksburg, VA 24061. They can be reached at 540-231-5121 or (Point 2 on the map below). Your Hokie Passport will grant you authorized access to University services and facilities.  Your Hospital badge will allow you entrance into and throughout the Hospital. When you go to Student Services let them know you are a VMCVM student and that you need both your Hokie Passport and Hospital Badge. 

Map of the Student Services building and the Parking Services building.

Parking Pass Information

In order to park on campus, you must obtain a parking pass. If you have been assigned a PID, you may go on the Parking Services website and purchase online. If you do not have a PID, then you must go to Parking Services. 

All motor vehicles must be registered with the University Security Division. You must be able to provide a valid driver’s license, state vehicle registration, license number and description of the vehicle, and your new Hokie Passport Identification.

Once you have received your parking pass, be sure it is prominently displayed hanging from your rear-view mirror (cannot be hanging while operating the vehicle). While parking on campus, please be mindful of where you are parking. Certain lots and certain spots are reserved for certain parking passes.

If you have any questions regarding parking, you may email them at or contact them by phone at 540-231-3200.

Their address is (Point 1 on the map below):
455 Research Center Drive
Blacksburg, VA 24061
Office Hours: Mon-Fri, 8AM-5PM
Phone: 540-231-3200

Please NOTE: Student parking for the vet school is located in the designated VMCVM student parking lot shown below:

To learn more, visit Virginia Tech Parking and Transportation.

Map of VMCVM student parking.