Phases of Evaluation for Admission Selection

Phase 1: Verification of Application Materials

  • Verification that all required documentation has been received by the required deadlines, including, but not limited to, coursework, supplemental application, application fee, and transcripts.
  • Verification that at least 60 semester or 90 quarter undergraduate credit hours have been successfully completed at the time of application.

Phase 2: Pre-Interview Ranking

A holistic approach is used to evaluate applicants to identify individuals who are the best fit for the VMCVM program and who contribute to multiple aspects of diversity. Evidence of academic abilities to succeed in the rigorous DVM program is required. There are no minimum requirements for particular experiences, but individuals with a good understanding of the veterinary profession and broad experiences are sought.

The following criteria are considered in the evaluation of applicants:

  • Cumulative GPA
  • Prerequisite GPA
  • Last 45 credit hour GPA
  • Holistic review of entire application       
    • Situational Judgement Test
    • Experience hours:
      • Animal experiences
      • Employment
      • Extracurricular activities
      • Research 
      • Veterinary experiences
      • Volunteer/Community enrichment
    • Letters of recommendation
      • At least three letters, but no more than six. 
      • All letters must be submitted to VMCAS. We won't accept letters sent directly to us.
    • Essay responses 
    • Admissions committee review input

Phase 3: Final Ranking of Individuals

  • Final rankings of Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia, and out-of-state pools are conducted by the Admissions Committee. At that time, invitations to interview are sent to our qualified candidates.

Phase 4: Invitation to Interview Based on Final Ranking

  • At the time of interview, all pre-interview ranking scores are set to zero.
  • Interviews are conducted in the following format: In-Person Multiple Mini-Interviews (MMIs), a series of timed scenarios designed to assess such attributes as communication skills, ethical and moral judgment, management of team and self, problem-solving and critical-thinking abilities, creativity, resiliency, and cultural bias.


Admission offers are based on interview results.