The Virginia Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine has one dual degree program; DVM/MPH

DVM/MPH Dual Degree Program

The DVM/MPH program is offered for currently enrolled DVM student.  The program is managed jointly by Department of Population Health Sciences and the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine within the Virginia Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine.  Applicants interested in public health and veterinary medicine should consider the DVM/MPH dual degree program.  Veterinarians with MPH degrees are increasingly in demand because of their involvement in all areas of public health, including epidemiology, environmental health, global health, infectious disease investigation and control, and homeland security.  Public health-trained veterinarians are uniquely qualified to understand and respond to emerging zoonotic diseases, to address complex global food system problems, and to respond to acts of bioterrorism. The dual degree DVM/MPH program may be completed in within the four-year timeframe required for a DVM degree alone. 

Admissions Process: 
The MPH application is distinct from the DVM application and different committees handle different admission processes into each program. 

The two application processes are:
DVM Admissions: 
Candidates are considered for admissions into the Virginia Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine DVM program by applying through the Veterinary Medical College’s Application Service or VMCAS.  Candidates must meet all deadlines and requirements for consideration. For further information, please contact:

MPH Admissions: Candidates must also apply through the Virginia Tech Graduate School and meet all criteria and deadlines for consideration.  For further information, please visit the Master of Public Health Degree Program   or contact: