On-Campus Health Care

Upon payment of the health fee and submission of a completed physical examination form, students are eligible for the services provided by the Schiffert Health Center on campus.

Located in McComas Hall, the Schiffert Health Center offers medical care similar in scope to that given by general practitioners. Facilities include an inpatient ward, pharmacy, and xray equipment. A professional staff of nurses, technicians, and physicians is available to assist students.

The health services fee paid to the university does not, however, constitute medical insurance. This fee provides only for any minor care administered by the Schiffert Health Center staff.

Health Insurance Requirements

The veterinary profession has a variety of inherent risks: animal bites, kicks, cuts, accidental injections, etc. In the interest of student health, in fairness to external preceptors providing training for students, and to protect veterinary students and families from excessive medical bills in case of an accident or injury, the college has implemented a policy of mandatory health and accident insurance coverage for all veterinary medicine students.

Students have three options regarding full medical insurance coverage:

  1. Purchase a group plan offered by the university to cover hospitalization or medical treatment received apart from the Schiffert Health Center.
  2. Arrange with parents/family to be included in their plan. The university does not recommend specific policies or insurers; however, minimum insurance policy requirements have been established to ensure minimum standards are met by all insurers.
  3. Purchase insurance from another company with adequate coverage for minimum insurance policy requirements.

Note: Non-compliance will result in a "hold" being placed on a student's university record.

Students who opt for a plan other than the university group plan will be required to provide documentation of a current alternative insurance plan meeting minimum requirements.

Decisions about whether alternative insurance meets the university's requirements are made by the the Student Medical Insurance office. For more information, contact smi@vt.edu or 540-231-6226.

Required Immunizations 


  • DVM students are required to be vaccinated prior to the beginning their second year of the program. The Office of Academic Affairs will organize a rabies vaccination clinic for students who need to be vaccinated at that time.
  • However, if you have already been vaccinated against rabies, please submit your vaccination results as indicated below.

Tetanus vaccination

  • Documentation of a tetanus vaccination within the past 10 years is required prior to your arrival for your first day of classes as a new DVM student. 

To provide documentation of vaccinations directly to the VMCVM's Office of Academic Affairs:

  • Email the documentation to acadaff@vt.edu.
  • Fax the documentation to 540-231-9290.

Every DVM student must meet state immunization requirements for admission (and continuation) as a student at Virginia Tech. This information must be documented on the Immunization History Form (PDF). This form is required before a student can attend any classes.

Learn more about Virginia Tech's immunization requirements.