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DVM Years 1-3 Student Handbook

DVM Years 1-3 Program Handbook and Policy Manual

The policies and procedures for the classroom component, also referred to as the first and second teaching times, of the DVM program are included in this handbook. For policies and procedures governing the clerkship experiences please refer to the Clerkship Student Handbook. These policies and procedures are applied during the current Academic Year. By accepting a seat in the Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine (VMCVM), you will be held to the policies and procedures included in this handbook. Minor changes to this handbook may be made regularly without notification. If significant changes are made, students will be notified.

Updated August 2023

2.1 Curriculum, enrollment, drop/add, auditing

        2.1.1 Curriculum
        2.1.2 Enrollment
        2.1.3 Drop/add of 3rd elective courses
        2.1.4 Adding an elective after the add deadline
        2.1.5 Dropping an elective after the drop deadline
        2.1.6 Dropping an animal/cadaver/capped elective after the early drop deadline
        2.1.7 Auditing courses

2.2 Attendance and excused absences

        2.2.1 Attendance
        2.2.2 Excused absences
          Excused absences involving illness
          Excused absences for professional purposes
          Excused absences for laboratory classes and exams
          Rescheduling missed required activities
          Unexcused absences for required activities

2.3 Canceled classes and non-appearance of instructors

        2.3.1 Cancelled classes
        2.3.2 Non-appearance of an instructor

2.4 Student evaluation of courses

2.5 Guidelines for Assessment

        2.5.1 Date and length of exams
        2.5.2  Exam procedures during the semester
        2.5.3  Use of electronic devices during exams
        2.5.4  Late submission of exams/assignments
        2.5.5 Exam accommodations
           Procedures for those with approved accommodations
                    Exams with accommodations provided within the college
                    Scheduling and administration of accommodations
                    Students with accommodations responsibilities
        2.5.6 Exam reviews and posting exam results
        2.5.7 Grading system
        2.5.8 Calculation of class rank
        2.5.9 Submission of grades, including “incomplete” (I)
        2.5.10 Appeal of a final grade for a DVM course
          Assignment of grades and criteria for grade appeals
          Grade appeal policy
          Appealing a grade resulting in dismissal
          Progression to clerkships and grade appeals

2.6 Policies for academic progression

        2.6.1 Standards for academic progression
          Progressing through the curriculum
          Automatic dismissal for academic cause
          Advancement exams
          Repeating courses
        2.6.2 Reinstatement after voluntary or involuntary withdrawal
        2.6.3 Proactive support and intervention program (PSIP)

2.7 FERPA waiver

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