Welcome, DVM Class of 2027!

Congratulations on your admission to the Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine's Doctor of Veterinary Medicine program! We look forward to your arrival on campus in August, and we are excited to learn more about you during the orientation program we have planned for you.

Please explore the information available through the "Entering Student Resources" menu to prepare for your arrival in August. You will be receiving lots of communication over the next several months, we are here to help with the transition into the VMCVM veterinary professional program. Reach out to us at acadaff@vt.edu or 540-231-4090 if we can provide further assistance.

Welcome to our college family!

Your Academic Affairs team

Welcome from the college's Student Chapter of the American Veterinary Medical Association president

Dear incoming students of the DVM Class of 2027,

Congratulations on your acceptance to the Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine (VMCVM)! All of your hard work and dedication has led up to this incredible milestone. As you begin the next steps towards your dreams, our VMCVM community is excited to welcome you and cannot wait to support you on your journey.

I can still recall the day I received my acceptance letter. I remember the wave of emotions I felt: excitement, anticipation, accomplishment, and even a little bit of nerves for what was to come. Over the next few months, I encourage you to allow yourself to stop and reward yourself for all that you have accomplished to get to this point and to acknowledge that you are exactly where you deserve to be and belong! Focus this summer on all the activities you enjoy most and spending time with your loved ones that have been supportive and valuable in your journey thus far. Beginning your first semester of veterinary school can sound very daunting, but orientation, and the information you receive throughout the summer, will help prepare you for your time here at VMCVM.

Our college, your college, provides a wide range of opportunities. One of the ways to explore and participate in these opportunities is through joining organizations and clubs. These organizations offer a wide variety of activities for any path in the veterinary field; such as organizations focused on large or small animal species, public health and exotics medicine, and specific veterinary specialties. The opportunities in each club are vast; from hands-on wet labs to case based discussions, there are multiple ways to further your education outside of the classroom. Our college also has organizations surrounding non-veterinary topics, including but not limited to, Pride VMCVM, Student Chapter of the National Association for Black Veterinarians, Christian Fellowship, and so many more. These organizations all function under the Student chapter of the American Veterinary Medicine Association (SAVMA).

As I mentioned above, our college SAVMA chapter serves as an “Umbrella” to student activities, much like student government. The main purpose of our organization is to serve the student body by providing support to student organizations. SAVMA as an individual club also strives to improve your education by offering financial wellness and debt panels, community-wide events, weekly yoga, free coffee during finals, and social events to take a break from studying. On a national level, SAVMA plays a role in representing VMCVM within the veterinary profession. The SAVMA leadership attends three national conventions each year to represent our chapter. These conventions allow us to advocate for our students in bettering the work force we will all be entering. It also allows us to learn from other college’s leadership so that we can provide you all with the best experience during your time here.

As your SAVMA president, I encourage you all to find a way to be involved within our college outside of the classroom. Seek out opportunities to enhance your education and create long-lasting relationships with all the individuals surrounding you. My hope is that you feel welcomed by our (your!) community and never hesitate to reach out to me for any assistance with involvement or advice about this program. My job is to be a resource and advocate for all the DVM students, faculty, and staff at VMCVM as they navigate through the ups and downs of our challenging field.

As I have already explained, there are numerous opportunities and experiences to look forward to when you arrive on campus. Until then, reminisce about your well-deserved acceptance letter and focus on time with your loved ones. Veterinary school will be a challenge; some days you will feel on tip of the world, driven by your passion, while others will feel exhausting and overwhelming. Please understand that this is okay; we all feel this way sometimes and those are the moments that you can remind yourself of how impressive and capable you truly are! You were accepted into this program because you deserve and are meant to be here. No singular event, no person, and especially no exam grade can change that! Welcome to the Class of 2027.

We are so excited to meet you!

Catherine Santos