DVM students charting at a dairy farm

Training in food animal medicine and surgery

Students interested in food animal medicine and surgery will be able to immerse themselves in advanced course work and clinical training to prepare them for exciting careers in food animal practice.

Courses designed to develop excellent practitioners

The food animal faculty at VMCVM are committed to helping our students achieve their goals of becoming a food animal veterinarian. Our clinicians provide outstanding instruction in the classroom, as well as in the clinic, in order to develop passionate practitioners with excellent clinical knowledge and skills.

Please refer to the DVM Course Catalog for the track and elective courses that are available for students tracking food animals.

Career opportunities

Potential career options for students tracking food animals include the following:

  • Food animal private practice and consultation
  • Food animal reproduction
  • Food animal nutrition
  • Specialty practice, which requires post-DVM advanced training through internship, residency, and board certification by a veterinary specialty organization
  • Teaching
  • Research
  • Regulatory medicine
  • Public health