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South-Eastern Veterinary Education Consortium (SEVEC)


Multi-institutional Collaboration to promote

Excellence in Teaching and Educational Research


The SEVEC collaborates to facilitate faculty development, scholarship, and peer evaluations through one or more of the following:

  1. Organizing annual or biannual face-to-face symposia for faculty and other educators to share ideas, network, and develop skills through workshops, journal clubs and other active learning experiences;
  2. Developing a framework and process for teaching portfolio creation and evaluation; developing best practices for reward, evaluation, and effort allocation as it pertains to the educational mission of our institutions;
  3. Developing an educational research collaborative to promote inter-institutional collaboration, grantsmanship, and dialogue around new trends in educational theory and practice;
  4. Sharing current assessment practices to improve our methods to assess students and enhance the learning process; and
  5. Sharing educational programs and resources for recently hired faculty, as well as others, including DVM graduate students and house officers.

SEVEC Calendar of Events

Interested in Getting Inolved?

Contact Shane Ryan if you have any questions about getting involved in SEVEC or if you are curious about upcoming seminars and trainings offered through the SEVEC consortium.